Skin: Birdy – Izzy Skin – Pure
Hair: Taketomi – Megu – Blacks
Ears: Trap – Beastie Ears
Hands: Utilizator – Avatar 2.0
Tattoo: Utopiah – Hauted Tattoo – Faded
Brows: Buzzeri – Katie Brows – Black
Leg Tattoo: Utopiah – Fake Death
Black Chest Marks: Nuuna – Obe Black
Antlers: Contraption – Ancient Adrethen Antlers [Unreleased.]
Eyes: Dead Apples – Nebula Grey + Nebula Fantasy – Porcelain


Bra: Kio – Bitch Bra – Black
Shorts: Ison – Pleated Shorts – Black
Boots: A&Y – Deuz Boots – Black
Socks: Utopiah – My Asymmetric Cotton Socks
Gloves: Utilizator – Fingerless Gloves [For Avatar 2.0 only.]


Crown’s: Keystone – Crown of Amazonas + Aesthetica – Emotive Crown of Onyx Genizah
Septum: Random Matter – Rasputina Septum
Shoulders: Gizza – Spiky Fur – Black [Thanks for showing me these Mar, I adore them!]
Wings: Contraption – Junkyard Devil Wings – Gunmetal
Necklace’s: Ison – Nova Tribe Necklace – Gunmetal + Random Matter – Rhiannon Necklace – Black/Black
Knee Pads: Cargo – Knee Pads


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